Mercedes Nieto  was born in the heart of Europe, Budapest. She is dancing and deepening her knowledge of the oriental dance for 15 years. Up to these days she still involves herself in improving and developing her classical ballet and contemporary dance knowledge.  Mercedes created her own style, which is dynamic and floating, delicate and sensual, mysterious, still sincere and natural.

​​Mercedes is choreographing dance-theatrical performances, is a leading teacher and star guest of several festivals all over in Hungary, Europe and the World. She has her own dance school for the past 10 years. Already during her fist visit to Cairo she was invited for dance interviews, after she appeared in Semiamis Intercontinental Hotel, on the Nile Pharaoh Cruising Restaurant, and later on the cruising restaurant Nile Maxim. Meantime her name is becoming more and more known: she was teaching and dancing in Workshops and performances abroad: Egypt, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Cuba, Morocco, Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, etc. She is a guest performer on the Nile Group Festival’s Opening and Closing Gala Show in Cairo with a live music show with orchestra. She is one of the first European master teachers of this World famous festival.

​​Mercedes is the founder and choreographer of the well known oriental dance troupe: The Nymph Oriental Dance Company, having international tours around the world and performing in festivals and dance theatre events as well with them. Mercedes is also the main organizer of the CAIRO! Festival Budapest, a yearly organized growing oriental dance festival in Budapest, Hungary. The choreographies for her students are professionally real challenge, as Mercedes does not keep anything for herself, she loves to give and she is guided by whole transmission independent on whether it is about her own modern ideas or traditional styles. Technically her requirements are quite high, the emphasis are on presenting the variation of the belly dance through the personal message of the dancer. As she believes there is no dance without real emotions – especially no oriental dance.

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The Star of Hungary
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Mercedes Nieto